Skeletal mesh with use of Animation Asset seems to disappear in some frames

Hi guys,

I have some problem with proper display of skeletal mesh which is using an “use animation asset”.

What I have is basically a car going on the path around the building in looped animation. It was all done in 3D studio Max. I have created animation on the path and then I have exported a car with it’s simple bone to FBX, and then I have also exported an animation to a separate FBX.
In UE4 I have imported mesh as skeletal mesh with materials, and then I have imported animation FBX separately using previously imported skeleton of the car in import options to bound those together. I did placed the mesh into the scene and in options I have selected to “Use Animation Asset”. Then I have selected the animation in “Anim to Play” field.

When Playing the scene I have noticed that the car is just disappearing in some frames. Sometimes it is not there at all and then when I move camera bit closer a bit closer to the area when I think it should be, it just appears suddenly from nowhere. But even then, when I just turn away for a sec, and look back where it was a second ago - it is gone again, but when you move the camera or walk forward it appears again.

Please let me know what would be the way to fix this problem

thanks in advance


Hello jacek,

This is quite the unique issue and I feel the best way for me to test this would be to request the assets you are importing so I can troubleshoot my way to a solution. However; before doing this I do have one suggestion as to how to fix this issue.

In 3ds Max when you are exporting your animation and your car mesh with its skeleton. Try exporting it altogether and make sure within the export options you check the “Animation” checkbox. When importing to UE4, be sure all the things you wish to carry over i.e. materials, textures, animations, skeleton, and meshes are all promptly checked as well.

If this solution does not resolve the issue you are seeing with your animation let me know and we can move forward with some other options.