Skeletal Mesh with Per-Poly Collision doesn't work

Hi, I’ve been trying to do something similar to Shadow Of the Colossus where the character is able to climb and stand on a much bigger Skeletal Mesh, so cheking the “Enable Per Poly Collision” option on the Skeletal Mesh component and setting the collision to Block All Dynamic seemed like the quickest solution to accurately collide the capsule of the main character with the mesh of the Collosus, but this causes the mesh to not collide with anything like it isn’t even there. Is there something else that need’s to be checked or settup? or is it that this “Enable Per Poly Collision” option doesn’t do what I think it does?

I am having the same issue. It just doesn’t work. Not sure what is wrong. Bug?

I tried deleting the physics asset and leaving Per Poly Collision turned on, but my skeletal mesh still doesn’t collide with anything.

I had the same problem. I thought it would be enough ticking “Enable per Poly Collision”, but it doesn’t seem to work, so maybe it’s bugged.

If it’s viable, you may set a collision into a blueprint where you have the skeletal mesh, and attach the collision to a bone (putting that bone as the collider’s parent socket). It’s the only way I figured hoy to put collision into skeletal meshes, but it worked fine for me!

Had the same issue. Turns out that the per poly collision setting in the skeletal mesh isn’t being transferred when you add the skeletal mesh to the level or an actor. You have to check the setting in the details panel under skeletal mesh (it’s near the bottom) and it should work. I think it’s a bug.