Skeletal mesh with a kinematic body wont sleep

I have an Actor for a dangling chain using a Skeletal Mesh Component with 10 physics bodies. All bodies are set to be Simulated (using Default which will then defer to SMC Simulate flag) except the “root” body with is set to Kinematic. The chain behaves as expected except it never goes to sleep and appears to ignore all sleep settings (custom sleep family and super large sleep factor still do not get it to sleep).

I found this issue in the UE4 data base UE-71059 , Which indicates that skeletal mesh with a kinematic constraint will not sleep, and this won’t be fixed apparently. Setting my root body type to Simulated does in fact allow the chain to go to sleep after it falls to the floor and comes to rest - but that’s not what I want for my case.

How are we supposed to create a dangling chain that can “sleep” ? (or any other physic on a skeletal mesh with some kinematic bodies) ?

Hi, have you solved this problem?