Skeletal mesh- what am I doing wrong?

I exported default UE mannequin to see how skeletal meshes work. In maya 2016 I deleted the mesh itself and added some base figure from zbrush, then i edited the mesh to roughly fit the skeleton - I did not move any of the bones and modified skeleton in any way, it looked like this:

I did the smooth bind, selected mesh and all the bones and exported it into fbx, But when I importing the file into UE4, i got this message:

When i click ‘yes’ and apply some animations based on the same skeleton, such abomination appears:

Why I do get such errors? I just used the same bones, didn’ even touch them. According to the official documentation, meshes using the same skeletal assets should share animations. I don’t know, should i bind the bones in maya in a different way?

Could anyone help me?

I have similar problem. Are you using blender by chance?

No, only Maya 2016.