Skeletal Mesh single animation selection list obstructed by details

Hello, this is more of a inconvenience than a bug, but on the other hand I wouldn’t call it a feature request :slight_smile:

Anyway, when you:

  • drop a skeletal mesh into a level
  • then go to “Details” tab
  • “Animations” section
  • keep “Animation mode” set to “Use animation asset”
  • then click on None in “Anim to Play”
  • scroll in the list and when you hover with mouse over any animation, it’s details pop up almost immediately (which is not a problem)
  • inconvenience comes from the window with details about the animation which obstruct the list of animations themselves like this:

  • if you move the mouse cursor lower to hover over next animation, dialogue will go away, but details of the another animation will pop up so fast that you loose track of where you are in the list
  • so you end up moving the mouse somewhere on the scroll bar so that details don’t pop up and you can read the list

I think it would be very useful if the animation details pop up to the side of the list leaving it easy to read.

Hey ,

It looks like these tooltips try to justify themselves down and to the right, but don’t have a correction to move them back to the left side if needed. I’ve entered UE-31197 into our system.

Thanks for reporting it.