skeletal mesh scale

When working with a skeletal mesh approximately 100 units tall, imported from Max, through FBX- I’m noticing that the scale in the skeletal mesh editor seems small. The camera does an auto zoom, but leaves the view way out in the distance. Is there a hotkey for zooming to the extent of geometry? Can the editor provide a better frame of reference for the actual scale of the object?

Hi Patrick,

3Dsmax’s Generic Units and Unreal Units are equal in size. The default grid in 3Dsmax is very small (only 140 units across), which creates the illusion of the model being large and then smaller after being imported.

The best way to fix this is to scale up the grid in 3Dsmax by right-clicking the Snaps tool and going to “Home Grid”. Then change the spacing to better suit your model scale. Grid Spacing 32 and Grid Extent 8 will produce a 512 by 512 grid that will let you estimate sizes more accurately. Another good idea is it create a box that is the dimensions in the editor that you want you model to be for comparison.

The ‘F’ key in the mesh editor will zoom the camera to a position where the entire object can be seen. However, it may leave some space around the edges.

I hope that this has helped. If there is anything else that I can assist you with, please let me know.


That is very helpful. Thanks !

I hate this, everyone is complaining about the size and the answer is ; go change your assets. This should not be the answer, the solution should be to allow to change the build scale of skeletal mesh once imported and after that take in consideration the size change throughout the engine. ><

Hi ,

This was a post from pre-release of the engine. I will close the comments to prevent further confusion. Thank you and have a great day!