Skeletal mesh scale

hey guys, I wonder if there is a way to scale a skeletal mesh inside of unreal

if there is not I hope you would include this feature ( just number to adjust overall uniform scale of the object )

thanks alot :smiley:

any help ?

Hi Rababa,

In what way are you attempting to scale the skeletal mesh? If you are using it just as an object in your level then the scaling widget or the details panel are the way to go. Further, you can scale a skeletal mesh as a component in a blueprint in the same way. However, to scale the original mesh you will have to do that through a 3D modelling program such as Maya or Blender.


In the picture I attached, you can see the 2 skeletal meshes placed in the viewport and the player pawn. The 2 placed have been scaled using the scaling widget. I hope this helps!

thanks Adam :smiley:
what I really want is to scale a character but as you said I can do that in the BPā€¦

I hope they add a way to scale the original skeletal mesh