Skeletal mesh root location wrong in 4.12

Hi, after migrating my player character to a 4.12 project everything seems to work fine except for one big issue: All my fuse models skeletal meshes have a wrong root location:

Everything works fine in 4.11.2 but after trying to migrate player character BP to 4.12 root bone appears out of place. If I open the mesh in 3ds max root bone is in the right location. If I put my character Skeletal mesh in the scene the root location seems correct but if I assign the animation blueprint I was using root changes to a wrong position…

I add a couple more screenshots:

New character blueprint:

Skeletal Mesh set, anim class not set:

Skeletal Mesh set, anim class set to my animation bp (working in 4.11.2)

pivot and root bone in a wrong location.

Skeletal mesh set, anim class set to a blank (just idle pose) animation blueprint:

All seems working correctly

It sounds like the problem is a node network in your Anim Blueprint. Go through disconnecting nodes until you find the node that is causing the offset.

Could be your animations are messed up but i would hazard a guess that some node got a checkbox or dropdown added for assigning some sort of world/local space and it’s default is not what it used to be.

Ok, I’ve found what was causing this issue:

My aim offsets become bugged after a migration to 4.12. The problem seems to be with root bone location.

I solved disabling root motion for those aim offsets.