Skeletal Mesh Regenerate LODs = bad results? Please help

Regenerating LODs for my Skeletal Mesh is producing bad results. Many folds & bad choices in destruction:

Unable to produce consistent results regenerating Metahuman LOD 1 inside UE 5.4. The problem persists in all versions of Unreal. I’m using python to run unreal.SkeletalMesh.generate_lod() to regenerate LODs 1-3.
The Reduction Settings:

I have experimented with Bones to Prioritize, but the Weight of Prioritization helps only with the specific area you tune it to (e.g., fingers look good, elbows & shoulder look bad).

I tuned Percent of Vertices to what default LOD 1-3 were at: 1, 0.25, 0.12, 0.04.

Volumetric Correction does nothing.

Please help me achieve better results! If you are skilled in this area, please chime in.