Skeletal Mesh questions!

Hey community,

I had a question regarding Skeletal Meshes. I’m not really an art sort of fellow and instead more of a programmer so my jargon might be off in this department.

Before I ask the question let me setup what i’m trying to do first. I have a weapon in my assets at my disposal and i’m wanting to Ray Trace from the weapon’s sockets which means it will require a skeletal mesh. What exactly is the process of adding a skeleton to the mesh? (I’ve already got the Ray Trace from socket locations figured out! :smiley: )

If anybody had the documentation on this that’d be super swell. I remember with the CryEngine it had a really particular naming mechanic and I was wondering if that is also the case here? I’m sure if I spent a little more then 10 minutes searching for it i’d find the answer but… I would appreciate a direct answer for what i’m looking for instead. I really appreciate it guys, thanks.

If I can find it before others post i’ll link it in this thread to save folks from searching.

If all you want to do is trace from the weapon, you don’t need a skeleton for it. You can either trace with an offset from the pivot or place a dummy object where you want to trace from on the weapon. Skeletal mesh is for animation, so if you’re not animating it, there’s no real point to it.

With that said, if you want to add a skeleton, depending on what software you use, you will find basics in the help docs for any of Autodesk software. If you’re using Blender, I really don’t know but I’m sure if you search it, you will find it pretty easily.

As for naming conventions and stuff, well, that’s totally up to you. You can create your own standard, or just do it on a per case basis.

For precision sake and what i’m wanting it would require a skeleton, i’ve found much more functionality with weapons as skeletal meshes and also less work in the long run, thanks anyways though. Also I found a few things that worked for me. I’ll post them up here as a basis so anybody who searches or comes across this thread will be able to find it as well.