Skeletal Mesh Overlapp events are confusing me.

Hello everyone,

So we are creating a game where a turret is supposed to track and shoot an enemy. The enemy is a pawn actor that utilizes the navmesh to move to a location it has a floating pawn component, skeletal mesh and collision sphere.
I prototyped the enemy in the MVP with the engine content Skeletal mesh TutorialTPP

Everything worked fine, I defined my collision as adversary type and and the turret is shooting and killing the targets. The way the turret works is that it has a collision sphere that detects overlaps with enemies.
Now I wanted to simplify the MVP and decided to replace the skeletal mesh with a simple geometric structure like the default Skeletal Mesh. So all I do is click the arrow and select a different skeletal mesh.

This causes the turret to completely ignore overlap events. If I change the skeletal mesh to say another more complex Mesh like the VR Hand mesh the overlap events work again

Now the final skeletal mesh will probably not be a cube, but I want to understand whats causing this problem, I have the same collision setting on the sphere collision, but the turret doesn’t care. Anybody got any ideas?
Thanks in Advance,

I think that’s because your Cube doesn’t have a PhysicAsset that tells him what are his collision.

Just setup his collision (and / or assign him a PhysicAsset via right clicking your SK).

Thanks that worked! I am still a little surprised why it didn’t work with other assets that I added like the collision sphere, I even tried adding a static mesh. In the pictures the skeletal mesh is the root, but I actually have a scene as a root and tried detaching everything from the skeletal mesh.

Glad it worked :slight_smile:

Yeah sometimes collision events are a bit messy to work with when several primitive components are tied to each other.

You usually want to take a careful look at all the attachment settings they have (like Multi Body Overlap, Auto Weld and stuff like that).

Cool thanks for the tips