Skeletal mesh overlap returns null bone

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a character with a skeletal mesh
  2. Make the skeletal mesh overlappable with pawn object type
  3. Tick Generate Overlap Events for the skeletal mesh
  4. Add logic to print bone name for on component overlap for the skeletal mesh
  5. Drag a copy of the character into the map
  6. Use the character in your game mode and play
  7. Overlap other character mesh
  8. bone name prints none

I understand that when mesh overlaps with the capsule the bone name is none. However , it also overlaps the skeletal mesh inside the capsule so there is no reason to not have a bone name.

Whats more disturbing is even the location and impact point return zero vector. As such how would you proceed on making a game where its important to know which bone of your character hit which bone of other character?

Product Version: UE 4.13

Hi, do you know how to get the overlapping bone name now? If you know it, please share with me, thank you so much!

I think I found the solution, the collision component (collision sphere) has to be root, the default scene root has to be replaced by the collision component and you can get bones .

For me the solution was to set “Multi Body Overlap” option to true in the Collision settings of character’s Capsule Component.But maybe in the described case it would be right to just use Sweeps instead of Overlaps.