Skeletal mesh not visible at mobile device

Hello again, I wanted to ask why my mesh skeletal is not visible on my mobile device while it is visible in preview mode, I looked at other post on this and the problem was due to the number of bones but I did other skeletal mesh with only four bones and still does not work, then I tried using a model of the pack “Infinity Blade: adversaries” and that it works correctly. (i use blender for creating models), wanted to know if it is a problem when importing the .fbx or otherwise.


(very basic model: 4 bones, triangles 1208, vertices 2368)

preview mode:

mobile device:

(“Infinity Blade: adversaries” model: 26 bones, triangles 5028 . vertices 3306)

preview mode:

mobile device:

for some reason, if i export the working skeletal mesh and reimport it, it stop working on the mobile device and it has a different size than the original after reimporting

Hello tacopancho,

So, if you would link me what mobile device specifically that you are packaging to, I can then try and recreate this issue.


Samsung galaxy s5, but selecting compute normals in the import propertiers seems to fix it.