Skeletal Mesh not replicating to clients when animation is changed

Hey guys,
Im making a TPS multiplayer. I have a system where whenever the player shoots a bullet it deals damage based on where on the skeletal mesh it hit for the other client player. Lets say that other player was prone, the animation replicates to all other clients showing the player laying on the ground. However, it seems like the skeletal mesh leaves a true invisible skeletal mesh where the character would be standing instead of prone as if i shoot above the other player who is prone, it acts like thats where that players skeletal mesh is rather than laying down now, and so it deals damage. On the server side, i dont have that problem, if the player is prone, i have to shoot at the skeletal mesh in order to deal damage, rather than just shooting above the player where the invisible skeletal mesh was for the clients. Anyone know how to fix this or what could be causing this? Ive spent days trying to figure this out and watched all sorts of animation replication videos and all my animations are replicating correctly but the skeletal mesh isnt being updated from the server obviously.

Can you provide some more context, like how you are crouching, your skeletal mesh settings, etc. Did you check if the capsule actually shrinks to correct height, etc.