Skeletal mesh not exporting from paragon

So,UE4 streams say that the paragon assets are to learn from, use, or modify.
in my case, I would like to modify the characters because I do love bringing them back to life.
however, in my case, I would like to add some more things as well as just generally modify some characters a little bit to fit the theme of my game.
it seems however that I cannot seem to export any character mesh. all I get are the skeleton or skeleton with animation.
so I would love to bring back some characters and modify them but I need to be able to change some things concerning their appearance.
already they look great in my photorealistic maps.

So once again, my issue is that the only models are skeletal meshes, they don’t export any mesh, just the skeleton, and animation, and if I try to use “make static mesh” the client crashes.
I have tried exporting for different versions of FBX or I’ve tried selecting an animation,
I have even tried using two different software to import the “mesh” and all I get is the skeleton. there isn’t a base mesh in any of the files. I have already tried re-downloading all the character packs.
here is a picture of what I get in my results. I spent hours and days trying to find a solution but no one had anything.
I would love some help or an explanation of what I have been doing wrong.

watch the video and you will have the answer at 14 mins
basically remove the clothing DATA will allow the mesh to be saved in fbx correctly