Skeletal mesh not detected on import

Hello Unreal people,

I looked around but found nothing to address this issue.

I am attempting to import a skeletal mesh but every time I do, Unreal does not detect a skeletal mesh and if is tick the box to import a skeletal mesh, Unreal will import separate meshes, each having a skeletal mesh asset with the mesh node as the root node and no skeleton tree from Maya.

I am exporting from Maya, I tried with a fresh file just a subdivided cube skinned to two bones with the same result.

I have tried resetting the export settings as well as the import setting in unreal
all history deleted and transforms frozen before skinning
I select the mesh(es) and the skeleton and export selected
My root node is called root

I have used Unreal for a while and this the first time I have this problem. I feel like I am back to square one. Does anyone got an idea of what this could be?

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OK so in my case selecting the meshes for export and the option export selected will give me the aforementioned result whereas export all will result in a proper import in Unreal.

I don´t understand why. I remember having done it by selecting and exporting selected with a good result. But for now this is solved although If someone can enlighten me on the why of this behaviour I would be interested.

Did you select both the mesh and the bones or only the mesh?

Mesh and bones. I have been doing that for 2 years and it has worked for me.

Can you share with us that “cube skinned to two bones”, so we can test it?

I got the exact same problem. It happens because unreal “Could not find the bind pose”.
Usually this works
But in my case it happened for every skeletal mesh that i made. So i tried every online solutions but didn’ t work.
Finally i fixed it reseting the fbx export options in maya to the preset “Autodesk Media & Entertainment”.

Probably some plugin or update changed my default export options.

I left this here in case is useful for someone. Sorry for the bump.