Skeletal mesh moves in animation after skeleton retargeting

Hi guys, I’m having some troubles setting up retargeting to share animations between multiple characters. As you can see in the picture below my animated character gets moved after I retarget his skeleton. Without retargeting the character is placed correctly on the ground, how can i fix this problem? I followed the documentation for retargeting the skeleton

Good idea to show bones to troubleshoot things like this: In Scene use Show…Developer…Bones. In Persona use Character… Bones …All Hierarchy.

Take a screenshot with skeleton and repost

This is the Hierarchy of the skeleton. The bigger one that starts from the ground is the pelvis. The root bone seems to be really small. I used Blender to Rig the character and all the transform has been applied to the Armature and the scene in Blender is in centimeters, so everything there should be correct