Skeletal Mesh Morph Target Weight limit

Hey guys

I am wondering is there an option to limit the weight on skeletal mesh morph target, i am using a plugin in max to drive the morpher but it makes some morphs having a value of -1. my question is can i limit the values in unreal engine 4 so it doesn’t go below 0?

Clamp node!

hey thanks for the reply,

i mainly use the engine for making videos so i’m not trained in blueprint. I use sequencer and just imports the animation in the sequence actor. in which part should i use the clamp nodes if i don’t use blueprint to drive the animation or is it not possible without the node?

As far as I’m aware, If the plugin in max is going beyond 0-1 range, it should probably do the same thing in Unreal to match your animation. If you are driving the morphs yourself in the engine, then you can clamp the weights either in the actor’s blueprint or in the animation graph. The node that drives the blend shapes is ModifyCurve and you have to right click the node and manually add each morph target to effect.

Oh okay good to know, I guess ill write parameters in max to prevent it going below 0, and then export it to unreal. I was just hoping or thought there was an easy solution lol.

thanks for the answer :smiley: