Skeletal Mesh LODs BUG

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the skeletal mesh LODs, the procedure I always used to import the LODs no longer works from 4.25.
The problem is that LODs are imported and work on skeletals but not on animation sequences, as you can see in the video.
Believing it was a bug I sent a report but, having not received a reply, maybe I’m doing something wrong.
However, I wonder why the procedure works on all versions up to 4.25?
Also, and this is my current solution, once I import the LODs in an older version (4.25) I can migrate the content and this will work perfectly in 4.26-27.
Thanks for any help.

I’ve been dealing with the same problem with 5.0 for some time now, but I found the issue. It was the names of bones, specifically when it contained a space. Replacing it with an underscore_ solved the problem. Other characters my cause this issue too.

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