Skeletal Mesh - LOD Reduction Settings

I love the Reduction Settings of Static Meshes,
I´m using it to reduce the amount of triangles for my Animals (I´m really not good at modelling lowpoly) and then I create LODs in Blender for my Skeletals.

Would be nice if this feature would come to the Skeletals too^^

Built in (skeletal) mesh LOD reductions is coming to UE4, it’s already on the roadmap.

Skinned meshes are skeletals?
Sorry, but I´ve never heared about skinned meshes…

I am pretty sure we already had Skeletal Mesh Reduction in some versions but it got deleted in newer versions.

This huge merge from Fortnite includes a long list of LOD-related changes. Also, a lot changes in Skeletal Mesh code :wink:…14daeffeea2213

It appears to me this is the final goal: to have easy to use LOD system for every kind of applicable mesh. The new ProxyLOD system (experimental in 4.19) is another part of this effort.

No we didnt. LODs on skeletal meshes is going to be a new brand thing. And its really expected.

Well, we almost did have it - with integrated Simplygon in 4.18, but, as I understand, the integration got fully removed in 4.19 in favor of UE’s own LOD generator, which does not support skeletal meshes. I wish they kept Simplygon for the time they haven’t yet fully recreated its functionality.

Yea, developers are in a precarious place right now.

We’re slated to release a game soon and are using 4.20. If we can’t use Simplygon or an engine tool for skeletal meshes, our only option is to LOD with an external 3d modeling application, which would be incredibly time consuming for a large project such as ours.

Any update on this whole skeletal mesh LOD reduction thing? I am not sure, what is the current status for it right now?

This should be out with the 4.22 release of UE4.

Sam, this is so awesome! Fingers cross for it to get into on time :wink:

Great to hear! Been eagerly awaiting it for a while now!!

I am pretty sure we already had Skeletal Mesh Reduction in some versions but it got deleted in newer versions. vidmate

Still not implemented. Please get on this. It’s vital. Is there any way to vote on roadmap stuff, to bump it up in priority?

I just checked my 4.22.2 build and everything is still there.

Open your Skel Mesh and then look under LOD Settings. You can set the number of LODs you want and apply. Then under each LOD [X] in the Asset Details panel adjust the Reduction Settings as needed.