Skeletal mesh inside actor not simulating physics

I have downloade a skeletal mesh from the marketplace.

When i drag the skeletal mesh into my game and turn on “simulate physics”. It falls down like a ragdoll.

But when i make in actor blueprint and add the skeletal mesh to it and then turn on “simulate physics” the knight does not fall down.

Why does this not happen?

Screenshot of knight actor with skeletal mesh inside:

Little bit of backstory: i want to program an AI so the knight will follow you around and if you shine you flashlight on it will fall down. That why i neeed it to be an actor and be able to fall down.

Not sure but I saw that your mesh is set to “No Collision”, although that would probably just mean that the mesh would fall thru the floor if the physics was working. I’m not at my computer right now but you could try to set the mesh as scene root to see if that helps. If the root isn’t simulating physics I don’t think anything will, but I might be wrong about that :wink: