skeletal mesh: importing without a skinned mesh doesn't work, possible to get it to work?

I spent around 20 minutes trying to import a skeletal mesh to find out what the bones would do since im using brekel software for some animations, but unless i skinned it it wouldn’t import, since the skeletal mesh browser offers bone view this should work, is there any chance a future beta could get updated with this feature?

Apologies for the delay in response, Marc. We are waiting on an answer regarding future plans for this.

We support importing animations without a skinned geometry but you must have imported a skeletal mesh first. Importing an animation without an existing skeletal mesh first is something we’ll look into for the future.

AFAIK, we need skinned data(FbxSkin) to get the root of the skeleton from FBX, but I’ll add a bug to investigate this further.



Our skeletal meshes must contain geometry to import and use in the engine. That is how we define a skeletal mesh. Without geometry it wouldn’t be a mesh so we have no support for this right now. What exactly are you hoping to achieve?