Skeletal Mesh importing problem

I have been trying to import this model in the right way in ue4 from 3ds max 2017 ( I also tried 2016) for 2 weeks. I finally managed to import it as a skeletal mesh but when I go in the skeletal tree there are no bones. It’s quite clear there’s a huge problem here but I don’t know how to proper use 3ds max for fixing this so I hope someone here can tell me what’s going on or at least steer me in the right direction.

Here’s the model:

Here are my settings when I import it in ue4

P.S: you should change the uniform scale to 100/150 because the model is very tiny.
P.P.S: actually it doesn’t give me errors in the message log. This is the only message that is shown.


Turns out the problem was that the bones weren’t binded with the mesh so when I was trying to import the model as skeletal mesh ue4 was removing the body