Skeletal Mesh importing problem

Hi I’m trying to import in ue4 a model of a man with an armor but when I import the mesh the body isn’t there,there’s only the armor and the body is missing the log says that almost all the bones are missing from the bind pose,i’m still able to see the skeleton tree and all the bones are in the right place. If I import the body standalone as a skeletal mesh (without the armor) in the viewport I can’t see anything but If I import that as a static mesh the body is imported successfully.Actually the only way to have the full body with armor is importing the body as a static mesh and place it on the armor (which is imported as skeletal) or import the whole mesh as a static mesh. I need this for my character so I really need to import the whole thing as a skeletal mesh. Any ideas?

Are you trying to attach it to an existing skeleton? Because if you are the bone tree has to match exactly. If you’re trying to attach to an existing skeleton, try to successfully round trip an existing skeletal mesh first.

Example for maya:

right click on SK_Mannequin > Asset Actions > Export > fbx file

create new maya project > import > fbx file

open windows > outliner > left click on SK_Mannequin > Then click Edit > Ungroup > Then export an fbx file

Import fbx into unreal against the existing skeleton.

For some reason maya, and a couple other 3D packages I’ve seen, export null objects/groups as bones (Or maybe unreal interprets them as bones). Anyway, because of this, any extra null objects/groups you may have in your tree will mess things up.

thanks I fixed that