Skeletal mesh import issue

Hi guys,

I’m trying to import a weapon as a skeletal mesh. Included in the file is also an animation.

Only half the model is imported and I cannot figure out what is going on. Model imports correctly as a static mesh.

Model in Max:

After import as skeletal mesh:

The imported part is the part that’s animated.

Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening?

Bump it…

Do you have your other part bound (skinned) to some joint? If not then the exporter will just treat it as a separate object and won’t export.

Nope… It was not… Modeling guy is working on it now…

Thank you very much IanBreeg…

I’ll mark this post as resolved when the new model is tested and it (hopefully) works.

Thank you again.

My guy says he thinks the model is rigged properly and is kinda stuck. If I send you the model. Would you be willing to look at it?

If you already got the help you need then this can be considered reference for anyone else with the same issue.

This looks like an error with the mesh being in multiple pieces with only one being skinned to a bone system.

It’s fine to have the mesh in multiple pieces however all pieces need to be skinned to the same bone system.

Go back over the Skin options for each mesh and ensure that all pieces are skinned to some capacity on the bone.