Skeletal Mesh Import issue.

Hey Everyone!

Having a problem importing a new skeletal mesh for a project i’m working on, I’ve followed all the directions in: and anything else google turns up doesn’t seem relevant to this or doesn’t solve the problem.

The issue is that the import options do not give me the option of importing a new skeletal mesh, It wants me to assign my rigged hand to other rigs that already exist in the scene such as cars.

How do I get that awesome little ‘Import Skeletal Mesh’ check box?

How do I let UE4.20 know that there is a new skeleton being imported?

Any information here would be very helpful, smashing my face against the wall cycling through different export / import options.

These are the buttons that don’t show up, can’t figure out why they show up for other skeletal meshes, but not for the RHand_ANIM.fbx file attached above.