Skeletal mesh gets stuck in place

Does anyone know what the cause of this is? sometimes randomly when my creature is moving his tail which has physics enabled to allow it to flop around freely, it gets stuck in place and just stretches the more the AI moves.
It doesn’t happen when physics are disabled so I don’t think it’s the mesh itself.

If anyone knows what’s causing this and could help it would be greatly appreciated.

with further testing I think it’s the ‘physical animation’ settings in the physics asset.
The down side is that I need these settings to adjust the ‘floppiness’ of it, but if I change any of these settings the mesh gets stuck again…

It’d probably just your collisions snagging onto something.

This is very common with multiple parts in a chain.

Say character arm.

If you grab and pull from the hand bone, you normally go Mr. Fantastic - or Gumby. Whatever you prefer.

If you grab from the upper arm you get no stretching.

WITH PhisX, this is fixed by increasing the Inertia Tensor Scale progressively through the PHAT asset bones/colliders whatver they are called.

For a character arm, shoulder at 1, upper arm 1.5, lower arm 1.75, hand 2, on the relevant axis (default mannequin I think X) used to do it up until version .22

Building a custom version of the engine with an updated physX code helps the initial problem.

I suggest doing both.

Thank you!
Adjusting the collisions a little and increasing the Inertia Tensor Scale on all of the different sections of the mesh looks like it fixed the issue.

I think it was happening the most when the AI was turning around and the tail must have been snagging on something on the mesh.