(Skeletal Mesh) First Person Hands for Prototyping

**Hello developers :slight_smile: **

I was looking through the Internets trying to find some decent looking first person hands and found this thing (Youtube link below). Problem is… it has two roots (big no no for UE4). So I took the mesh, dropped into Maya did a little bit of mumbo jumbo (reroot and redid the skin weights) and decided to release it for you guys. The hands come from CS:S so it fits the military kind of look. I also added an extra bone to do camera animations (in case you want to attach the camera to it and not script the headbob).

I’m not a rigger in any way shape or form (I’m a level designer) so I included the original files in case people want to add to it (controls, constraints and stuff like that). If you do, post it again here :). The purpose of this is just to have something to work with while doing first person prototypes.

So in the .zip files there is :

1x FirstPersonHands.FBX

A folder with the original textures of the mesh.
A folder called “UE4_FirstPersonHands” that you guys can drop right into your projects (made with 4.8.3).

I’m not super familiar with Blender or 3ds Max so there’s an fbx file in there. Hope that does it for you guys.


(Modified for UE4 Rig)

(Original Rig)