Skeletal mesh feet sinks into floor

I have a skeletal mesh with per poly collision enabled. The capsule component has collision enalbed and also is simulating physics. Ther animation associated is a running animation. The problem I’m facing is that the capsule component seems to stay above the floor while the feet of the skeletal mesh sinks a bit inside the floor. I’ve tried enabling collision, simluate physics etc. but nothing seems to work. Doesn’t the per poly collision proive an inch perfect custom collision on the skeletal mesh.

Hello there. What you are looking for is an IK foot solution. Irregardles of what collision type you enable on your character the feet will sink a bit on the floor since the collision used to calculate the position of the character is the one of the capsule component.

Take a look at this documentation: IK Setups | Unreal Engine Documentation

Its not begginer thing to set up, but if you have experience you might give it a go. If its to much of a hussle there are several IK solutions available on the Marketplace.

There is even a free one in the forums!

Hope it helps. Have a nice day!