Skeletal Mesh Facing on Import

Even though X is forward in the engine, when I try to view the mesh in the viewer, the mesh faces towards the right. I noticed that Epic’s assets are imported facing Y, which makes them face towards the viewer in the viewer, and then they rotate them to face X in the blueprint. I’d like to know what is considered best practice with regard to importing assets. Thanks

Hi!I the common rules are listed here on this link,for working with fbx.

The skeletal mesh doc doesn’t mention (that I can find) a preferred orientation. There are two images of the same skeletal mesh and in one of them the mesh faces +Y and in the other it’s -Y. It looks like importing facing in the +Y direction is the preferred option, but I’m still unclear if this true.

when you are importing the SkeletalMesh or a StaticMesh you can check the “tick” and force the convertation of your model space to unreal space.Or you can do it directly when you are exporting from your 3d package(Max/Maya)

Yes it XYZ

Thank you for your help