Skeletal Mesh Export assitence

Does anyone know of a Blender plugin designed to allow for the importation of a UE4 exported T3D file? If so please link me to it. I’m trying to export a skeletal mesh from UE4 to rig a custom model for use with purchased animations designed to work with UE4.

Thanks in advance

Can’t help with a t3d importer, but typically that kind of operation would be done by exporting as .fbx from the engine. Is that not workable in this case? I didn’t think .t3d supported joints.

Thanks for the reply,

Actually exporting the skeletal mesh (a .uasset file) only allows for a .T3D or .COPY file. In the Content browser I went to the ThirdPersonCharacter/character/Mesh folder, right clicked on the skeletal mesh, chose Asset Actions, and then export. Needless to say, this restriction is quite annoying and appears to be a major roadblock for me.

I have a few hundred dollar worth of MOCAP animations that are based on UE4 the Skeleton (even comes with one). Unless I’m mistaken, if I can’t somehow get this custom model skinned and rigged to a UE or UE compatible skeleton that would be a few hundred dollars wasted.

I’m concerned that creating my own skeletal mesh in Blender (not hard) that it will render my animations useless.