Skeletal mesh errors with Blender FBX pipeline.

I’ve only been learning the Dev kit and blender this week so bear with me. I have been experimenting with skeletal mesh modding to learn blender and modify existing armor sets for new skins. I export the skeletal meshes to FBX then import to blender and so far so good. I make some adjustments and make sure the metric scaling and position are good. Export FBX and import the new skeletal mesh to Ark Dev kit. I attach it to the TPV skeletal mesh (Female in this particular case) on import and it auto creates a physics asset I don’t need for some reason even though I import no materials and such as I will copy and mod existing mats. Now the preview looks off with the reference items in the wrong places and the mesh 90d right from face forward and in the level test the mesh goes completely off the rails deforming to one side and the feet facing left of character. I’ve watched hours of vids and read documentation on both blender and UE4 and I can’t find out how the skeletal mesh imports so badly or what is wrong with the alignment. Any help if I just have an alignmnet problem in blender or the dev kit. I’m really black flagged on what seemed like the last step and I can’t go further until I can solve this. Any help appreciated.

Do you know about applying modifications in blender? ctrl + a -> position, scale, rotation, rotation & scale. Make sure they are all applied before exporting.

Now the thing with blender and UE4, is they don’t believe in the same philosophy of rotation, i.e. xyz works differently in blender than UE4. If you think of x blender = y UE4 and y blender = x UE4 that is the correct facing, but when you do an export you have “forward” defualt -Z Forward “up” Y Up, these apply +0-180/-0-180 x/y/z so when you export the data it comes with a rotation you didn’t expect.

In blender you can tap a numpad number to change view/perspective, in blender num 3 = Right face that is actually front face for UE4 and num 1 = front face that is actually left face in UE4

So after you identify the direction/facing that it’s meant to be, just go into blender in object mode, rotate it and assign it. If for example you need to rotate your model -90 on the z axis.
in blender right click the object, in object mode, and press the following exactly.
r z -90 enter ctrl+a (click rotation)
r = rotation, z = z axis setting, -90 = rotate -90 on assigned axis, enter = assign. cltr+a = apply modifier.