Skeletal Mesh Does Not Appear When Packaging for HTML5

Weirdest thing. I am importing an FBX from Blender that includes an animation of a cat walking. In the UE4 viewport and when exporting to Windows, the skeletal mesh and animation play back correctly. However, when packaging for HTML5, the skeletal mesh does not appear in the game.

To make matters weirder, I found that if I delete a very specific bone, the mesh will appear in the game. But it’s not just any bone that can be deleted–from my testing, only if I delete “spine_02SHJnt” will the mesh appear. Sadly though, deleting this bone screws up the animation. I’ll paste a screenshot of the bones in Blender at the end of this.

One more thing–I do believe the mesh is under the 75 bone limit I heard may be a limit for mobile?

Any ideas? It’s crazy, right? I’d share the FBX file so folks could take a look at it, but it’s a commercial model so I don’t want to share it publicly.

Thank you!!

Welp, I got the cat showing up in the mobile/HTML packaged version. Turns out, the bad bone didn’t have any weight associated with it. Once I painted some weight on the mesh for the bone, the mesh showed up. Weird?

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