Skeletal Mesh Disappears When looking in a specific Direction

I am using unreal engine five but the issue still exists in 4.27. The skeletal mesh disappears when looking in 4 specific directions, and the skeletal mesh still produces a shadow which can be seen when looking down. Not sure why this is happening soo i’m hopping someone has had a similar problem and solved it.

Video of Error

go to engine settings and set clip plane to 0.0001 I hope this will fix this issue.

Hello, try to increase “Bounds Scale” in parameters of your skeletal mesh component. I dont understand how it work, but it’s helped me. In my case value “3” was enough.

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This seams be an issue with all skeleton meshes off camera, slitly hided or very close. Changing bounds scale fixed all for me. This topic should be set as resolved.

Yup, the Bounds Scale set to 3 on my character worked too.