Skeletal Mesh Disappears when in Mobile Preview on 4-26?

Hey gang so we’re on Unreal Engine 4.26 and have encountered a problem when switching to Mobile Rendering preview with OpenGL (ES 3.1). We have a long hose-like Skeletal Mesh object that plays some animations. When in Mobile Rendering Preview, it disappears.

Research online indicates there’s a limitation of 75 bones in Mobile Rendering Preview and our skeletal mesh does indeed exceed that threshold. It should be noted that when NOT in Mobile Rendering Preview in 4.26, the mesh renders properly; and the issue does NOT occur in UE 4.27. Our developers report – and previous builds confirm – that at one point in 4.24 the skeletal mesh DID render properly on a mobile device (Vive Focus 3).

Does anyone know if:

  1. this limitation exists in 4.26? Our research found posts from 4.21 era.
  2. if so, does this limitation have a workaround in UE 4.26?
  3. If not, are there options beyond the typical culprits like scale bounds, never cull distance, etc., that may be causing our issue?

If upgrading to 4.27 is the only path forward on this issue, then we have to overcome the fact that the Wave VR plugin (the Vive Focus 3 SDK) does not appear to support that version.

Thanks for your time!