Skeletal Mesh Creation

Good Day Fellow Devs!

First, thanks for taking the time to drop by my little post here.

I am looking for one of two things:

A Rigger - someone who can take the many meshes I have and rig them to the game’s skeleton for armor pieces.


A step by step on how to take what they gave us and use that for chest, legs, feet and hand skeletons.

Every time I export one, apply the new mesh and go through the entire process of painting the weights and poo only to have it blow up on re-entry. (That’s HOURS of work with no fruit to bare)

I’d kind of prefer BOTH if I could - the more I know, the better I can be helpful to others too.

If you know - and would rather not publicize it - I am more than willing to go one on one and work my booty off doing so.

Oh, I use Maya 2016 at the moment.

Thanks again for your time.

You can contact me here or through steam:

Good News. I’ve learned how to use the rigging inside the Ark Dev Kit all on my lonesome. Finally!


waits patiently for easy noob tutorials for the rest of us