Skeletal Mesh Components do not play layered (blend per bone) animations but character mesh does

Hi all,
I have a character blueprint with a skeletal mesh, combined with mesh components using the same Anim_BP and the same skeleton. I already used Layered Blend Per Bone in Anim Graph successfully, but suddenly all my mesh components do not play the anim montage that I blend with ‘layered blend per bone’, which I use so my character can wield his sword while running.The strange thing is that my player character does play the blended anim montage, but only its components (pants, shirt, jacket) do not. Has anybody any idea why this is happening?

I hope that I do not bump this too soon but I am trying out possible solutions and I cannot find out whats wrong.

Maybe somebody require more more information to help me? If so, please tell me

You need to set up all of your components using a master pose component

You will need to tell each component what animation BP it should be using

Yup, that did it, thank you!