Skeletal Mesh Component won't animate?

Hi. I’ve modeled a simple overcoat that I want to apply to the default UE4 mannequin. It has a full skeleton, and I can retarget the UE4 mannequin’s animations to it without issue. However, I want to make this a skeletal mesh component, which uses the mannequin’s animation blueprint. The issue is… it just won’t animate.

I add a skeletal mesh component, attach it to the character mesh, give it the same animation blueprint to use as the character, and yet it remains still. I’ve tried this on multiple characters and it remains static no matter what.

I’m scratching my head here because I’ve followed a video here, and like I said, the mesh I’m trying to make a component animates just fine with retargeting.

Some advice? Thanks.

Your AnimBP is probably tied to the Epic Mannequin Skeleton.

So instead of retargeting your animations to your new skeleton, you need to import the new skeleton mesh onto the existing Epic Mannequin Skeleton.

Rename your asset, import it, and instead of creating new skeleton use the drop down to select the epic skeleton…

I discovered I had completely forgotten to fix the hierarchy, and once I did that, I imported it to the mannequin skeleton as you said with no errors. However now when I’m playing animations with my mesh as the preview mesh, it’s pretty terribly deformed despite looking fine playing the animation on a different skeleton. What can be done about this?

Thanks for the help.

Okay nix that, I don’t know what happened but now the skeleton is just blobbing when I try an animation. It has no errors on import and deforms normally until I try an animation, then the skeleton itself moves to all random locations and deforms the mesh with it.