Skeletal Mesh Collision

Hi all

I have researched this and experimented but I can’t find the answer.

How do I give a skeletal mesh collision properties? I have a catapult element, which is animated. The catapult needs to have collision so that it hurls the player when the player is in the catapult.

Below is a screenshot of the Physics properties of the catapult element.

If any further information is required, please let me know.


Hi there! Skeletal Mesh doesnt work as usual collision at all. As I know there are two ways to set collision to Skeletal Mesh. First one - to use PhAT to add bodies (here some old, but good videos about it PhAT: Overview | 01 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube). The second - per poly collision (you can take a look at this

Thanks Kehel. I’m not sure if those solutions will work, as I cannot get the player to collide with the animated object - which is vital, as the animated object is supposed to hurl the player.

Maybe a better solution in UE4 is to trigger the movement of the player as well.


Then you can use more simple approach - just leave SkeletalMeshComponent and create one more component (like Box, Sphere or Capsule) for collision purpose only. So add socket to your animated SkeletalMesh asset and after that attach created component for collision to this socket in your SkeletalMeshComponent in the component hierarchy.

Hmmm, that sounds interesting.

When you say create a component, in which screen/file should I do that?

I figured out how to add a socket, but I did not figure out how to attach a created component (Sorry, I’ve just started delving into animation in UE4).



Here is picture

That worked! Thank you!