Skeletal mesh collision bug?

I have a character blueprint with a skeletal mesh doing a single attack animation constantly.
I have put his colliders on block all. This character is standing still doing the same attack animation over and over again.

When I run into his attack with my own playable character the collision works and I get blocked. But when I stand still and move in when his colliders are out of my reach, and then stand still when his colliders come into reach there is no collision, it just goes through me and it doesn’t even fire a hit event.

How do I make it so even when I’m standing still and his attack should collide, the collision works?

Hi ABorden -

Could you post screenshots of the player character and the attacking characters collision information from the details panel? Without knowing a little more I would suggest trying setting the Attacking actor to use complex collision always, but once I see your collision details I should be able to help you more.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thank you for your time.

I have come up with a different working solution using line traces. I don’t think what I wanted to do was possible without it. I hope there will be more documentation and tutorials on melee/fighting/sword systems with skeletal meshes and tracing in the future.

This question can now be closed.

Hey ABorden -

I am glad you found a solution. For others who might have the same problem could you post a brief synopsis of how you achieved your solution. I will pass along the want for a melee system / collision tutorial.


Eric Ketchum