Skeletal Mesh Colision

I have a “cabin” mesh(skeletal). I made it a skeletal because i need the door to open. I also needed to have a custom colision for it, so i made one (UCX and stuff). When i imported it to Unreal, my colision just didn’t worked. I found a tutorial on youtube with something like “copy colision from static mesh” and i tryed so (reimported the mesh as a static mesh, and importing it again as a skeletal mesh with a different name). The colision for the static mesh worked just fine, so i opened the “phisical asset” and copyed the colision, but the static mesh’s colision (the imported one) has a wrong rotation and a extremly bad scale. What did i do wrong?
The rotation can be easily fixed, but i cannot scale it (if i scale it down it just dissapears or gets upside down). I tryed reimporting the files several times, same thing happens :frowning: