Skeletal Mesh as editable variable causes compile errors

Hi there,

I’m creating a Blueprint class for an openable box. The box is a Skeletal Mesh that plays an opening animation when the player interacts with it. I’m making a Class Blueprint for the box, and then planning on letting designers plop down instances of the Blueprint. In the instances, I want the designer to be able to specify which mesh they want to use, which animation to play when it opens, what sound effect is played. All other functionality should be hidden from the designer.

In my Blueprint, I just created an editable variable that that LDs can specify the Skeletal Mesh when they drop an instance into their level. But the Blueprint won’t compile, because I use that value in the Construction Script to set the skeletal mesh, and the compiler warns that changing the mesh will cause it to re-initialize the animation tree, etc. I get why this is problematic, but not sure what they best alternative approach is. Should I just ask the LDs to create child Blueprints for every new instance of these objects?