Skeletal mesh animation deformation Blender to ue4

Hi, I have the same problem like in this topic below but anything that was writed not help.
I make bone roll for 180 degrees but it doesn’t help, what about maya it is crashed when I try to import model.
alt text
alt text

Hi, are you using Rigify too? if you’re using Rigify did you use also the Unreal retarget animations? If that’s the case try setting on the translation retargeting set to skeleton or animation scaled, that should fix some of the problems. If not go to your default pose, activate all the layers of your rig and select all your vertical bones and hit shift+n on edit mode and set the alignment to global Y and your horizontal bones to global Z Those are the settings that work best for me, I didn’t see any problems with your export settings, so try that and tell me how it goes, hopefully it helps.

Fantastic, it finally solved my problem. I wasn’t using either Rigify or Unreal retarget animations. My model had rotations all warped once imported in Unreal, but into Blender>select the armature>edit mode>ctrl-S> then align the bone to whatever you need.