Skeletal Mesh anim not holding when Keep State is on

Simple animation that I would like to hold when done animating, so that it doesn’t reset to the t-pose. Turned on When Finished > Keep State and this only KIND OF works.

Sometimes it keeps the state, sometimes it resets to the initial pose. If I scrub around the area it looks like it holds and then later it resets. No changes made, it just seems like something isn’t held in memory correctly. I made sure no other keyframes are affecting it.

Sometimes it looks like it is holding but when I render, it reverts back.

The only solution I found is to import a much longer animation with no keys after the initial motion.

Anyone else experiencing this?
Post-Infinity set to constant. I used this feature a ton in a recent job with UE4 so I know it works.

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Just came across this issue in 5.0.3 sadly I havent found a fix yet D:

Hey so little update seems like turning on use custom mode on ur animation in the sequence track should fix this