Skeletal Animation Playback Position

Hello. I am currently working on a blueprint that I have an imported animation that I would like to sync to some variables that will control the current keyframe position of my animation. Is there anyway to force a pose at a certain percentage of the animation? Basically if my variable calculates out to 0.5 I need the animation playback/current pose to be at 50% of the animation timeline. Is this possible?


If you are looking to map a variable to a position in an animation you can use an evaluator node in an animation blueprint to pick an exact position for that node.


This looks like exactly what I need. Can you please give me a little more context of how to get to this evaluator node? No matter what I type I can not find this. I assume in the “Evaluate Run” node is where you set which animation sequence is being evaluated. I just can’t seem to get his node!


Sorry about that, they can be a little difficult to find. You’ll need to make a player node, for example if you have an animation called “MyAnimation” you should be able to fine a node that is called “Play MyAnimation” in the context menu. Once you’ve placed that node if you right click it you should see the option “Convert To Single Frame Animation”. If you click that it should turn the player node into an evaluate node for the selected animation.

Sorry that’s a little convoluted; should have explained it in the first post. I hope it solves your problem!

Works perfectly! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the quick response and reply as usual Epic staff is always on point.


I just stumbled into the same problem and really, you might wanna do something about all the confusion which is here simply because, let’s be honest, Unreal Engine documentation SUCKS. There is pretty much no documentation when all your documentation does is point out the obvious and it limits itself to writing down the same stuff that is already in comments above the functions.

You need far more documentation at this point, and especially for C++ functions and classes, start adding some example uses, like in original C++ documentation, because right now you either find solution on the internet answerhubs or forums, or you find nothing and your best bet is to read the code, which isn’t always helpful.

Engine is great, it has all the cool features, but they arent worth much if you simply have no idea that they are there or how to get to them.