Skeletal animation of objects made only of vertices

I was wondering if someone already managed to do skeletal animation of objects that do not have a single poly.

I have a cloud of point that I wish to deform in real time, it’s for some data visualization stuff.

Importing it as an FBX is not possible because it crashes UE.

But maybe someone managed it via scripting?

Thanks for any hints.

Instead of only ‘importing’ vertices, you could try importing it as a connected mesh using polygons, and then writing a shader to display only the vertices.

A similar question was asked in the forums: Drawing point clouds - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Also here:

I realize this is Unity, but it might be useful for reference:

Thanks for the answer. Google did not return anything, so maybe it’s how I phrased it…

The links give interesting ideas. I will be looking at how I can apply them to my problem.

Cool, good luck! If this answer is acceptable feel free to mark it answered so we can close it out.