Skeletal animation issues

Hello everyone,

please check link

I’m having some issues with animations, see the hands? and how they are twisted away from the body.

When I apply animations in 3ds Max, load up the character in Mixamo to test animations it all works find.

If I manual move bones in the character viewer in the engine it works fine.

Only when I re-target animations from another skeleton this happens. And only the hands, everything else seem to work fine.

Any ideas?

PS ignore the screen on the right :wink:

Edit here is a screenshot of the same mesh with a mixamo skeleton exported with unreal FBX option.

It looks fine with animations on the mixamo site so I’m a bit baffled on what is going on.

Tested out a custom animation I created it works fine, so something is going on with the retargetting.

NM got it working with the recursive selections, thank you!

Is there anyway to save bone positions in persona, or make modifications to an animation in Persona?