SkelControl and AnimSets

Background: I’m modding Xcom 2.

I have a dropship (the SkyRanger) whose default Skeletal Mesh is in a “landed” position.

There’s an anim called “Pose_Flying” which I can play, which closes the back door and raises the landing gear. But, I’ve added a SkelControl to allow me to move the fans a little while I move it around. The pose_flying resets this.

is there a way I can apply the pose_flying anim, and then still set up skelcontrols? Or do I need to manually set all the things in my AnimTree to match that pose first? Or, better still, can I build an animtree from an existing animation?

Also, is a SkelControlSingleBone the best way to control rotation via unrealscript? I just need to tweak the yaw.

Thank you in advance

remove any animation from the “fan” bones in “Pose_Flying” and use UDKanimblendbydriving for the landing gear.
that’s my setup for my harrier and ac-130.

Thank you!