"SkateBoard" push forward movement mechanic with velocity

I am Creating a 2.5D Side scrolling game about skateboarding. I’m having trouble programming the “push” to move forward and roll movement mechanics… I’m fairly new to programming myself, so my apologize if its a simple blueprint.
could anyone point me in the right direction to get the basic push function working?
any light you can shed on the problem would be greatly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information, or detail.
thankyou for your time;)
have a nice day

I made a simple way to do this in a few minutes. Its missing a lot of logic that I’m sure you want, but it should get you started. I didn’t test it, so sorry if it doesn’t work.

hey drb1992 .
Thanks for your reply, its appreciated.
I’ve created the blueprint you suggested, but the player does not move at all as of yet.
From my limited understanding of programming, your node set up should produce a result, so perhaps i missed something, or need to tweek it a little. Either way, you have provided a great starting point for me to build upon, Thankyou Lots.
I will Play around with it, and post any questions and progress on this thread.

BTW, the node between the delay and the branch linking the two together, is that a simply a reroute node?

Thanks again for your time and effort drb1992.

Yeah that is a reroute node

Hello, I managed to get the basic functionality working using that method suggested.
One major problem i’m having is the Player has to stop and reach zero velocity before you can push again.
I’m not entirely sure what may be causing this, How do i add to the current velocity until it reaches a cap?
Thankyou for your time