Size of variables : Maps, Structs, Arrays


In my project I am a little bit concerned about memory optimization. I have a lot of data to deal with and I didn’t see any documentation about the size of the variables.

  • Arrays : how much bytes does an array take ? I read somewhere that in C++, the array itself represents 12 bytes and then you have Length * Type. So an array of 10 integers would be 12 + 10 * 4 = 52 bytes ?
  • Map : I guess a map is Number of keys * (Keys + Values). So for exemple a Map with Int keys and Vectors values (let say 10 keys) would be 10 * (4 + (3*4)) = 160 bytes. Is it correct ? Maybe there is an additional cost like for the array.
  • Structures : does structs have any additional data cost or only variables inside the struct count ?

Besides, I am using blueprints only, is there any difference in data size between a TMap and a Map in BP for exemple ?

Thanks !